Growing a bread for the first time?

Growing a bread for the first time?

So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to grow out your beard. It’s not an easy journey and it’s one that many will not complete. But for those that stay strong and get through the early stages, you’ll probably find that you can’t be without it. It becomes part of your personality.  Here’s a few tips to help you along the early stages of beard growth.


I have always advised people to let their beards grow for up to twelve weeks before they think about trimming. This allows time for your beard to fully establish itself and bed in before you go messing around with it too much. But not all of us have jobs, lifestyles or partners who are understanding enough to allow us to walk around looking like big foot for three months. A way that you can have your beard and still look tidy is to trim and shape bit by bit as your beard grows out. The main parts to focus on here to maintain that groomed look are your cheeks and neckline. Doing this will keep the shape of your beard neat but still allow it to fill out. When I first grew out my beard, eight years ago I kept it trimmed to almost a long stubble for some time. This allowed some of the slower growing areas to catch up with the rest.


One of the first hurdles that you’ll face and the place that most fall will come around two to three weeks into growing your beard. The beard itch! Itching at this stage is caused by the rough hairs that are used to being trimmed rubbing against your skin as they grow out. There’s a couple of things you can do to combat this. Firstly, wash your face regularly, your skin will have been used to a nearly daily wash and shave. Now that the area is covered in hair it’s even more important to wash the skin under that beard, helping to remove the grime and excess oil build up. The second thing to do would be to find a good quality beard oil, rich in natural oils. This will help moisturise the skin under your beard, preventing beard-duff (dandruff for beards) caused by dry skin. It will also soften coarse facial hair, preventing it from irritating your face as it grows. Premium blend oils will not only soften your beard, meaning it won’t be like kissing a Brillo pad, but it will also leave your beard smelling awesome.


The final thing to think of in the early stages of your beard growth, would be to find a decent beard comb. Combing your beard regularly has several benefits. The comb against your skin promotes blood flow to the area, in turn promoting healthy hair growth. A good quality wooden two-sided Beard Comb will help distribute oil through your beard evenly. A comb through later in the day it will help redistribute the oils in your beard, helping to freshen up a drying beard.


This is a simple step which will not only help your beard grow but will also benefit your health. If your hydrated, then your beard is hydrated. Let the oil moisturise from the outside and the water you drink hydrate from the inside.         

I wish you luck x


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