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The Wild Hare Brush

The Wild Hare Brush

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It takes the right tools to achieve great style, and few tools are as essential as the Boar’s Hair Beard Brush.

Our hare brushes are made up of a combination of  80% hare hair... well... boar hair and 20% nylon.

Benefits of a Boar Brush

The boar's hair stimulates the natural oil present in the skin and distributes it along the hair shafts—keeping hair clean, healthy, and shiny. The Boar’s hair simulates your own hair, making it easy to transfer those oils without damaging your beard. And because the bristles are stiff, a Boar’s Bristle Brush exfoliates the skin beneath the beard—it’s going to hurt a little bit, but in a good way. 

This 12cm in length hare brush will fit snug in the palm of your hand, perfect for taming your mane.

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